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International Development

Mitglieder von SwissFoundations können sich im Mitgliederforum für die verschiedenen Anlässe anmelden. Im Forum sind auch alle weiterführenden Unterlagen wie Programm, Präsentationen, Informationen aufgeschaltet.

Treffen & Workshops:

7. November 2019 -
1208 Genève

While 1% of donations are for peace, a far higher percentage of philanthropic work takes place in societies that experience deep social divisions or even open violence. Foundations can make a big difference in those contexts but also need to navigate complex local dynamics. Whatever the primary purpose of your philanthropic work, how can you understand the local context and best adapt to it, particularly in high-risk environments?

27. Juni 2019 -
3003 Berne


SDC and members of SwissFoundations working in Humanitarian Aid and International Cooperation will be getting to know each other at this first meeting. SwissFoundations-members are already engaged in a variety of approaches in many fields of action and many countries. Besides forming partnerships with other foundations, some foundations were wondering if a collaboration with SDC could be leading to higher impact and results that are better embedded in an overall context. The collaboration should be open in both ways, SDC inviting interested foundations to participate in her work with their knowledge and/or their financial support as well as the other way round, always respecting the scope of all parties involved.

Roundtable Disaster Relief and Disaster Risk Reduction
2. April 2019 -


Disaster Management, particularly emergency relief, is one of the most challenging areas in the humanitarian sector – and it is even more challenging for grant-making foundations that often do not have a permanent presence in the country. To name just a few of the recurring challenges: access to reliable information; security; the need to make decisions quickly; limited availability of partner organizations; risk of misuse of funds; lack of coordination and cooperation on site; and increasing competition between NGOs. How do different foundations deal with these challenges? What are the most effective ways to intervene in disaster prone communities? Are there ways to make a positive and lasting difference in the emergency phase, or should we focus on early recovery, reconstruction and Disaster Risk Reduction? What about the long-term impacts of our investments? Should we work with government agencies? Is there a need for greater co-ordination between donors, and if so what should it look like? Do we already – or how can we, going forward – fully leverage our resources, and expertise? The C&A Foundation and the JTI Foundation – both supporting Disaster Management initiatives across the globe –  gathered some specialists and practitioners to kick-off a discussion on these topics, and to determine whether more cooperation in the sector is possible and desirable.

5. April 2018 -
8001 Zürich


Goal of the meeting is to gain insight into the work of the Department of Economics and their two new research centers (Center for Child Well-Being & Development and Zurich Center for Economic Development). The Department strives to bring world-class research to the University of Zurich and to foster knowledge transfer from academia to business, politics and society. In the past, leading scientists such as Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo have been invited to present their work on what they call “Poor Economics”. Through its interdisciplinary research, these two research centers, founded by world renowned Professor Ernst Fehr in 2017, are searching for answers for the most pressing questions of our times and strive to improve the wellbeing of people in developing countries.

31. Januar 2017 -


Nearly 25% of all SwissFoundations members are active in the field of International Development Coooperation. In 2015 they invested more than CHF 188 Mio in various projects and initiatives around the world. In cooperation with member foundations SwissFoundations would like to invite interested foundations to a special come together and get to know event. Beside networking and common discussions we would like to evaluate your potential appetite to regularly meet your peers of other foundations engaged in the field of International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid. The event will be kicked-off by the presentation of «TRECC – Sustainability through strengthening education in Ivory Coast», initiated and run by the Jacobs Foundation.

18. November 2014 -


There is a growing concern that traditional ways of charity have often limited positive effects to the intended beneficiaries. The traditional ways of service delivery often rest on "fixed" assumptions: beneficiaries do not have access, do not want or do not understand the benefits of the development intervention/service/good. Hence, there are needs for massive investment to ensure access and improve understanding. While these traditional approaches have obviously not become obsolete, behavioral sciences offers a series of insights that can help improving development results, often with little cost.

18. November 2013 -
8001 Zürich


Der Workshop 2013 des SwissFoundations Arbeitskreis International Development hat drei Akteure und damit drei Perspektiven auf diese Frage eingeladen. Er soll interessierte Förderstiftungen anregen, sich mit neuen Fördermodellen auseinanderzusetzen und bei Bedarf eine Handlungsempfehlung im Umgang mit Sozialen Investitionen zu erarbeiten.

Die Arbeitskreise von SwissFoundations

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