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SwissFoundations ist der führende Verband von Schweizer Förderstiftungen. Als aktives und der Innovation verpflichtetes Netzwerk fördert und unterstützt SwissFoundations den Erfahrungsaustausch, die Transparenz und die Professionalität in der Schweizer Stiftungslandschaft.

Auf dem Jobportal von SwissFoundations können Stiftungen und andere gemeinnützige Organisationen kostenlos offene Stellen ausschreiben. Die Inserate werden nach Ablauf der Gültigkeitsfrist gelöscht. Nicht-Mitglieder müssen sich für den Service registrieren. Eine Anleitung dazu findet sich in der rechten Sidebar.

Aktuelle Angebote:

DNDi – Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative brings the best science to the most neglected populations. We research and develop safe, effective, and affordable treatments for diseases plaguing many of the world’s poorest and most neglected communities. We don’t do it for profit. We do it because we believe all patients have the right to the best that science has to offer, no matter where they were born.

Since 2003, we have developed seven new treatments that have reached millions of patients suffering from malaria, sleeping sickness, visceral leishmaniasis, Chagas disease, and pediatric HIV/AIDS around the world.

We are standing on the brink of making medical history. Right now, DNDi’s research teams are leading breakthrough, early discovery research and state-of-the-art clinical trials for new treatments in the remotest regions around the globe. Will you join us?

We have done this at a fraction of the cost of the traditional business model of the pharmaceutical industry. We credit our success to our open and collaborative approach to the scientific process — focusing on cooperation rather than competition — and our steadfast commitment to developing treatments that are affordable and adapted to the conditions in which patients live.

Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative

Der Geschäftsleiter/die Geschäftsleiterin ist verantwortlich für die operative Führung des Hilfswerks der Evangelisch-methodistischen Kirche mit derzeit 5 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern in Zürich und 4 Mitarbeitenden im Ausland. Er/sie erarbeitet zusammen mit dem Vorstand die strategische Ausrichtung und setzt diese um. Er/sie pflegt die Beziehungen zu den Partnerkirchen und anderen Partnerorganisationen im In- und Ausland.

The Osteology Foundation is an internationally active, independent and science-based foundation in the field
of oral tissue regeneration. In addition to supporting scientific projects and research scholars, the Osteology
Foundation has become a renowned name in the training and education of scientists and dentists at a global level.
Osteology Foundation
Root, Switzerland

Established in 2010, Rising Tide Foundation’s international, impact-driven philanthropic grant-making program is focused on three main areas: scientific & clinical cancer research, social &education initiatives and libertarian programs. We seek to advance and pioneer innovative ways to create positive change in health care, and maximize opportunities for an empowered society that offer equal opportunities for those who seek them out. Furthermore we are focused on inspiring lifelong learning for individuals, and bridging the frontiers of cancer research to bring about impactful changes that will help people live healthier and more productive lives.

We are working towards a better future, a future of greater freedom, opportunity and well-being. Pursuing a dual function, one philanthropic and the other business oriented, our Foundation is deeply rooted in the empowerment philosophy and serves to foster resilience in individuals, so they can achieve better health, liberty and social / economic independence expeditiously.

Rising Tide Foundation